Thursday, January 28, 2010

Midterm Exam:

When you are watching a video on a small screen, like an iPod Touch or other MP4 player, which do you think is more important the images or the sound? Why?
Sound is more important. why because i would like to know what the person is saying, images are not important because seeing the images are more boring then hearing what's going on. But i think both are important because we can see and hear what the video is doing and saying at the same time, but sound is more important, you can see the images later and understand the meaning or point of the video. Hearing the video is more simulating then trying to watch the video. On the ipod touch, there's no problem watching a video on it because the screen is big enough to see and hear everything but a MP4 player, the screen in small, really can't see much so listening is more better then watching it.

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